Welcome to TAMAKAN Program!

Are you a recent graduate? Or graduating this semester? Congratulations!


‎‏NBK grants you the opportunity to join TAMAKAN program, winner of the Most Innovative CSR program in the GCC region. The program is offered for the fourth year in a row.

Previous Tamakan Program 


Tamakan Generation 1 - 2020

Tamakan Generation 2 - 2021

Tamakan Generation 3 - 2022


Testimonials From Tamakan Alumni 


"Life changing. Loved every part of the experience. And I will always be thankful and grateful that I got into Tamakan." -Saleh Almekaimi


"Challenging, learned different sides of myself. Got to know diverse people with beautiful minds and personalities. I am proud and happy to be part of a very unique experience that let me to learn and continue learning." -Asmaa Mallah


"It’s a great way to improve your skills, confidence and knowledge and a strong transition from being a student to working. It really helped me develop my innovative mindset and abilities, and gave me a broader perspective on life in general. We had a number of guest speakers who were outstanding at what they did, experts, professionals and people of high stature were all able to share with us their experiences and knowledge and give us life advice as well as career advice." -Tariq Abuqomasha


"You learn what they DON’T teach you in high school and university. It's the perfect opportunity to boost your professional network, self development, and establish relationships."  -Abdulaziz M. Akbar


Who should apply?

  1. Kuwaiti university graduates, from all majors
  2. Preferably graduated in 2022-2023
  3. Currently unemployed and available to commit for 10-weeks
  4. Eager to learn, willing to invest time and effort in developing their skills
  5. Has proficient computer skills
  6. Fluent in English

7 Reasons to apply

  1. Develop the skills recruiters actually want
  2. Be part of an immersive and fun experience
  3. Explore your potential and unlock your creativity
  4. Accelerate your personal growth
  5. Learn the latest new concepts and tools in innovation
  6. Because the program is provided by NBK, the largest bank in Kuwait
  7. It is a certified training, free of charge

Tell me more


TAMAKAN is a hands-on innovative training experience for young Kuwaiti graduates offered in collaboration between the National Bank of Kuwait and Creative Confidence Consulting Company for the fourth consecutive year.


The program's goal is to take recent graduates to the next level of self-development and growth before starting their careers. The program is a full time 10-week commitment revolves around working on a real business challenge and shaping business ideas.


This immersive learning experience focuses on the development of multiple skills with a focus on creativity, teamwork, problem solving, collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship, communication, developing a flexible mindset, leading people, project management, risk management and more.


Program Outline

Important Information

  1. Seats are limited and will be awarded to the candidates who are the right fit for the program
  2. The application period is now open until December 29th, 2022
  3. Full time commitment to the program is mandatory
  4. The duration of the program is 10 weeks, starting from January 9th and ending March 20th, 2023
  5. The program hybrid model of in-person and online training
  6. The daily hours are from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, 5 days a week
  7. A certification will be awarded after completing the program
  8. The program includes press and social media coverage 



Tamakan Alumni